A.J.’s Books

All She Wants: A Christmas Romance

Released November 25 2020

Tilda hates Christmas. Clare loves it.

After a bizarre run-in at the emergency room and a set-up at the local pub brings them together, Clare takes on the challenge to put a little festive spirit into Tilda’s life. 

Can Clare change Tilda’s mind?

All She Wants is a Christmas holiday romance set in a small rural town in Australia. It’s a light-hearted love story packed full with cheer, a well-trained border collie, quirky locals, and a comedic twist on the quintessential family moments that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

Get your copy here – getbook.at/allshewants

$2.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Mine First

Released October 18 2020

Is it love… or obsession?

Lori is a university lecturer. 

Addy is a student. 

In her head, Lori knows better. 

But the pull between her and Addy isn’t something she finds easy to resist—despite her friend’s warning about Addy’s questionable past behaviour. 

After a fun night out that ends in a major lapse in judgement, Lori wakes up in Addy’s dorm room.

And her whole life unravels. 

Mine First is an age-gap thriller romance filled with forbidden love and broken hearts, suspenseful obsession, and a fight to stay alive to reach that ever-wanted happy ending.

Get your copy here – getbook.at/minefirst

$2.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Where The Light Lasts Longer

Released July 03 2020

“The lawyer hadn’t left Hennie with much, just the deed to the property, a bunch of keys, her mother’s journal, and his condolences. None of which she had much use…”

After the death of her estranged mother, Hennie returns to the Lloyd family property to find a rundown house and an orchard in decay. While Hennie works on fixing up the house, her partner Dot reads Faye’s journal to her, reliving sweet moments from Hennie’s childhood and the events that led to her leaving the small rural town as a young teen, uncovering a secret, and giving her something she thought she’d never have.

Hennie spent most of her life not thinking about the past, how will she cope when she’s surrounded by it?

Get your copy here – getbook.at/WTLLL

$3.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Prose & Procrastination: Call It What You Will

Released February 01 2020

I have no name for this space, call it what you will, call it what you want, call it something else, call it nothing at all, but for me… it was mine, and now it’s ours.

It’s a space without rules. It’s a project of freedom in creativity, expression without expectation.To share the pieces that pulled me into the work I love, and the words of others that have shaped new paths in my heart and my mind. To air past heartbreaks that lingered. To study why some things stick in my mind, and how others are lost the second I see them, barely seen or recognised in the moment. To release the simple thoughts, the one-liners and brain worms that burrow and repeat in my mind. To show the accidental and offhand shots that picture truth in glimpses of the cities I’ve fallen in love with and then left, their graffiti and street art, their people and places, their grunge and softness.

I didn’t create any of these things for you. But I made this space to share. In reading, I hope that you’ll find a freedom of your own, see things from a different perspective, appreciate the little things in life that make it whole, that make it ours and no one else’s.

The “Prose & Procrastination: Call It” series is a four-part, zine-style, mash-up of prose, street photography, articles, short stories, and one-liners.

Get your copy here – getbook.at/pandp01

$4.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited


Released March 20 2019

What if the one thing you thought you didn’t want, is the one thing that changes your mind?

After a breakup, August spends a few days back in her home city. She didn’t plan on staying long but curiosity makes her stick around.

A girl in an elevator, a girl in a bar, and a kid with a lego pirate ship.

An unexpected offer, a strained relationship, and a surprise meeting with an old friend.

They all change her mind and her life, for the better, and in ways she thought she never wanted.

Get your copy here – getbook.at/August

$3.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Time Undone

Released November 25 2018

Time Undone is a journey through loss and love, through memories and moments, and the lives that continue on regardless.

From the very beginning, Quinn and Anna had something different; until Anna left without a word.
Having moved on, finally getting her life back to a kind of normal after the loss of her father, Quinn’s world is turned upside down when Anna comes back. 
From one moment to the next, everything can change.
Everything can happen, or nothing.
Quinn was never sure in which direction things would shift. But when it came to Anna, she thought she knew where they were going. 
And then the one thing happens that Quinn could never have seen coming.
Anna dies on duty, and Quinn goes into a spiral, looking for something to hold on to, while at the same time learning to let go.

Get your copy here – mybook.to/TimeUndone

$4.99 USD or FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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